Jan 222021

TransUnion Strengthens UK Board with Two Non-Executive Directors, Including New Chair

Global information and insights provider TransUnion has appointed two non-executive directors (NEDs) to its UK board, demonstrating its commitment to strong corporate governance as the business pursues its growth agenda.

In their new roles, Margot Cronin, who will act as chair, and Jonathan Baum will promote the long-term sustainable success of the company, providing constructive challenge, strategic guidance and specialist advice to the UK board and management executives.

Margot is a winner of the prestigious Institute of Directors award for ‘Chartered director of the year’ and has worked in financial services executive roles across her career, most recently at HSBC Life, Tesco Underwriting and Prudential International.

As a former senior insurance executive, Margot has leadership experience across multiple board memberships and spent significant time with market leader Aviva in the UK, US and Hong Kong. As an independent non-executive director and newly appointed chair of TransUnion’s UK board, Margot’s role is subject to approval by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At a time of financial hardship for many households in the UK, this a pivotal moment to be joining TransUnion as it aims to support both businesses and consumers through an unprecedented challenge, providing data and insights that are fundamental across so many sectors, ranging from fraud and ID checks to credit referencing,” commented Margot. “I look forward to working alongside the wider UK leadership to help TransUnion harness the full extent of its global capabilities to support the UK market.

In addition, TransUnion has appointed Jonathan Baum, former chief credit officer at Lloyds Banking Group, as a non-executive director. Jonathan has extensive financial services experience, having also held senior risk and credit roles at Barclays and GE Capital during his career. He brings with him significant experience in retail and business lending, and a proven track record in bank acquisitions and mergers.

Jonathan said:

I have been impressed with TransUnion’s commitment to growth here in the UK, through continued investment in its products and services, which enable trust between businesses and their customers. I am very much looking forward to supporting the business as it strives to meet and exceed its ambitions.

Commenting on the appointments, Satrajit “Satty” Saha, CEO of TransUnion in the UK, said:

We’re really pleased to be bringing two such well-respected and experienced non-executive directors to our UK board, which is a critical part of our corporate governance structure. COVID-19 has presented many challenges for businesses, and in light of the third national lockdown there is still a difficult road ahead for the nation, but as the economy starts to recover, we want to be in a position to strengthen our business and deliver on our plans for long-term and sustained growth, using the valuable lessons learned to support our clients, and their customers.

Jun 252020

APITech™ (API Technologies Corp.), a leading provider of high-performance RF and microwave signal conditioning, and electromagnetic spectrum management solutions, announced the appointment of Chartered Director Ian Skiggs as the Vice President and Managing Director of the RF2M (RF Microwave & Microelectronics) EMEIA and SSIA (Secure Solutions & Information Assurance) business units.

Ian will lead all operations, product line management, and program management for the Business Unit. He will also be a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and report directly to CEO Terrence Hahn. Terrence stated: "Ian's growth focus will enable RF2M EMEIA to be the Electromagnetic Spectrum Innovator as he drives a robust new product pipeline. Ian will own the RF2M EMEIA and SSIA P&L as the Value Generator while he champions his team as the Talent Developer".

Ian will succeed Richard Farrington who will retire on 31 July 2020 after 7 years of service at APITech. Richard has played a key leadership role during his tenure at APITech. He has led both Finance and the businesses in the UK. During his tenure, we have seen these businesses grow to the benefit of customers worldwide.

Prior to joining APITech, Ian was a Senior Executive with Teledyne Technologies Corp for over 12 years. Prior to Teledyne, he was a senior leader with Filtronic Components Ltd. Ian has over 25 years of experience in the Aerospace & Defense Industry, and served as a Chief Engineer in the Royal Navy at the beginning of his career. He holds an Honors degree in Engineering and is a Project Management Professional and Chartered Director with the Institute of Directors.

About APITech

APITech™ (API Technologies Corp.) is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high performance systems, subsystems, modules, and components for technically demanding RF, microwave, millimeterwave, electromagnetic, power, and security applications. A high-reliability technology pioneer with over 70 years of heritage, APITechs' products are used by global defense, industrial, and commercial customers in the areas of commercial aerospace, wireless communications, medical, oil and gas, electronic warfare, unmanned systems, C4ISR, missile defense, harsh environments, satellites, and space. APITech is a leader in space technologies, with Class H and K manufacturing facilities.

Learn more about APITech at www.apitech.com

Jan 082020

2019 will go down as a challenging year for directors of UK businesses but I’d like to end it on a positive note by marking the 20th anniversary of the Chartered Director qualification.

I am a passionate advocate of lifelong learning. It has never been more important to build your skills and boost your resilience in an uncertain business, political and global environment.

Learning is not something that only happens during our formative years. There is an ongoing need to absorb new information and expertise from those around us.

Described as a ‘world first’ by The Guardian, the Chartered Director programme sets a gold standard for director training. The IoD remains the only Institute to offer qualifications for directors under Royal Charter.

In addition to myself, two of our branch chairs in Yorkshire, Richard Smith and Keith Jackson, have achieved Chartered Director status. We are among almost 2,000 Chartered Directors in the UK and beyond.

Keith Jackson, IoD South Yorkshire branch chair, said Chartered Director equipped him with “essential skills and tools that I use regularly in business.” He added: “As an experienced director in a rapidly changing world, I build upon this qualification with continuous professional development to ensure I am always striving to be a better director.”

Richard Smith, our West Yorkshire chair, said: “I am constantly meeting directors from many different organisations who do not really have an appreciation of what their legal and wider responsibilities are. Today, we are facing more wider societal challenges and it will be the boards of different types of organisations who will have to develop strategies to meet them.”

Chartered Director is the best qualification I have undertaken. It provides you with skills that can be immediately put into practice. It empowered me to push beyond my comfort zone of luxury hotels into new areas such as property and museums.

One of the greatest learnings I had during my Chartered Director training was not just from my tutors or the content. It was through the cohort which brought together a mix of industry sectors, experience and talent to challenge each other’s thinking and break down the issues we each faced in business.

The drive for ‘good governance’ is moving up the agenda following a string of high-profile business failures. But how about if we spoke about ‘great governance’ instead?

We believe that better directors build a better world. We continually develop the Chartered Director qualification to ensure it reflects what boards need to effect this change.

Our utopia would be to have a Chartered Director on every board.

Want to find out more? Join us in York for our next Director Skills Day when we welcome back Jo Haigh on 12 February. A multi-award winner and brilliant author, I was fortunate enough to be trained by Jo during my Company Direction Certificate, the first step in becoming Chartered.

First published in the Yorkshire Post Tuesday 24 December 2019

Dec 272019

Non-Executive Director and Future Chair - Guernsey Electricity

Permanent - Full-time

The Position

Guernsey Electricity are seeking to recruit two Guernsey based applicants with specific, relevant experience to join our Board as Non-Executive Directors. One would ideally have the potential to be considered as a future Chair in two years’ time.


Guernsey Electricity is operating in an environment of increasing complexity and change, particularly in relation to market, competition, regulatory and emerging energy policy issues. Such an environment is an exciting place for a NED capable of navigating through those changes and guiding the direction that is right for the long-term future of Guernsey. That includes ensuring Guernsey has both reliable and affordable energy supplies, as well as helping manage the environmental impact and the future sustainability of fossil fuels on the Island.

The energy system of the future will not look like it does today. The scale of change over the next 10 to 20 years will be considerable and, whilst we don't know exactly what this change will look like, we do know some of the key change drivers that will be important. One thing seems certain, consumers will play a key role in driving change as their energy needs for warmth, light, power and, increasingly transport change.

The energy businesses of the future will need to provide those services in a clean, affordable, efficient and environmentally conscious manner, by taking advantage of new energy technology and digital enablers. Guernsey Electricity plans to take a leading role in the energy transition and recognises that Energy Policy remains critical for ensuring that journey is strategically managed, so the outcomes are in the best interests of energy consumers, and the long-term future of our Island.


Preference will be given to candidates with relevant experience related to Engineering in the Utilities sector, Accountancy and Business Development.

A commercial mindset will be important as well as an interest in and understanding of Energy Policy, the transitional challenges of moving towards alternative operating models and the complexities of Sustainability/ Environmental Issues.

The Candidate

  • will by preference be a Guernsey Resident with proven experience of working within, or as a NED or an Executive Director of, a large complex Commercial Corporation and will ideally hold an IOD Chartered Director or MBA qualification.
  • Experience in either of the following - Engineering in the Utilities sector, Accountancy or Business Development.
  • Interest in and understanding of Energy Policy, the transition challenges of moving towards Alternative Operating Models and the complexities of Sustainability/Environmental Issues.
  • Strategic Direction and Change - an ability to provide independent oversight, evaluative challenge and constructive critique to Guernsey Electricity’s Strategic Direction.
  • Monitoring Performance - particularly regarding the progress made in achieving the determined company strategy and objectives.
  • Stakeholder Management - particularly for the potential Chair, to be a skilled and connected networker, capable of navigating a complex political environment that includes the States of Guernsey Committees, STSB, CICRA and CIEG.
  • Governance, Audit and Risk Management – able to take the lead on ensuring robust prudence and probity in relation to the integrity of financial information, financial controls and systems of risk management.

Skills and Qualifications

About Guernsey Electricity

Guernsey Electricity has been providing electricity to the island for over 100 years. Until 2001 all electricity was generated on-island but since then completion of a cable link to France via Jersey has given the opportunity to import units from the European Grid in conjunction with on-island generation. The change has brought significant environmental benefits for the Island while improving the company's risk profile.

non-executive director

May 182018

Chartered DirectorCDNetwork Bucks, Berks & Oxon Breakfast Meeting - 1/6/2018

Debating ”This body does not believe that the Board is a team”

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 1st, 7.15am for 7.30am over Breakfast at the Hotel de Vin, Henley @ £20 a head, to be paid on arrival.

Neil Britten will propose that ”This body does not believe that the Board is a team”.

If you are interested in debating against the motion please email cdn@cdnetwork.co.uk

To attend please click on the link below so that we can get the catering arranged.
Book your place by clicking here

Alan Hindley, John Palmer and Hector Grant
Chartered Director Network

Mar 212018

Chartered Director

CDNetwork Bucks, Berks & Oxon Relaunch - Breakfast at the Hotel du Vin, Henley-on-Thames

In response to demand the CDNetwork Bucks, Berks & Oxon is being relaunched.

The first meeting is scheduled for Friday March 23rd at 7.15am for 7.30am start over Breakfast at the Hotel du Vin, Henley @ £20 a head, to be paid on arrival.

A new business proposition will be discussed - by CDirs for CDirs - that could provide ongoing opportunities for CDirs to earn fee income and participate in capital growth.

We will also welcome ideas for further meetings with the accent on achieving value, for the time invested in those meetings.

Hope to see you there.

If you can’t make it but would like information on the business proposal, please e-mail Alan Hindley at alan@cedar-associates.com

Alan Hindley, John Palmer and Hector Grant
Chartered Director Network

Book your place now!

Chartered Director Network

Organiser of CDNetwork Bucks, Berks & Oxon Re-launch

The Chartered Director Network Bucks, Berks, and Oxon has relaunched with the objectives which are:

  • Purpose - to bring together current Chartered Directors, supporters, friends and colleagues with the common aim of furthering knowledge and learning opportunities for good governance of organisations, enterprise and businesses of all sizes.
  • CPD - promote Continuous Professional Development as an integral part of the Chartered Director qualification, amongst all and wherever possible in alignment with the governing body’s current guidelines.
  • Awareness - promote and raise awareness of Chartered Directors, their values, professional skillset and ‘corporate governance’ focus.
  • Share - knowledge, learning, career and business opportunities.
  • Engage - with entrepreneur and business groups, innovation and learning centres with a view to supporting business growth with good governance and sustainable business practices.
  • Network - support and encourage networking and partnerships for career and business opportunities

Book your place now!

Mar 202018


An opportunity to contribute to Governance Research

In February a number of Chartered Directors had the opportunity to participate in a project to illuminate the extent to which the law provided an adequate check and balance to the actions of Directors. Highly relevant to the recent company failures due to basic governance faults.

We all enjoyed it and learnt a lot from the discussion of a number of cases which were anonymised and drawn from real life. It took no preparation on our part and lasted a couple of hours.
The research team were delighted with the input of real Directors from the CDir community, so much so they would like to run two more sessions on the 19/4/2018. Further details below from Professor Terry McNulty.

Research Project: Directors’ Business Judgments and the Courts

I am writing to you about an independent, academic study funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) about Directors’ Business Judgment and the Courts. The project is also being supported by the Institute of Directors (IoD), Institute of Company Secretaries (ICSA) and other business organisations.

The research will examine several issues including: what is meant by business judgment; how courts and regulators approach and address business judgement; and to what extent should directors’ decisions be subject to review by courts and regulators? These are matters that vary across national jurisdictions and seem to be critical to the relationship between: corporate governance and enterprise; director training and effectiveness; the future of public and private corporations and the role and effectiveness of boards and directors in general.

In 2017, we collected data from judges and decided case law. During 2018 we will be collecting data from directors and legal officers of listed and unlisted companies, of varying size and sector using focus groups. Your involvement would be on a voluntary, confidential and non-attributable basis. Participation does not require anyinformation relating to you personally, your company or business. Neither do you need to have been involved in litigation to participate. Focus groups will last for approximately ninety minutes and typically involve a small group of 4-12 people and require minimal preparation in advance. Further information about the focus group will be issued in advance for those who are willing to participate.

Results of the research will be freely available to all participants as and when they become available over the next year. By way of my own background I have been conducting research since the 1990s and have an established track record of rigorous high-quality research that informs corporate governance policy and practice. For this project, I am working with qualified lawyers from the University of Liverpool and Leeds some of whom will be involved in the focus group.

I hope you and perhaps other members of your network will find the project of interest and be prepared to be involved. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

The web link http://gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/projects?ref=AH%2FN008863%2F1 explains the project in further detail. Please note that all participants must be current and active registered company directors.

Yours Sincerely,

Terry McNulty
Professor of Management and Corporate Governance
Chatham Building
L69 7ZH
Office: + 44 (0) 151 795 3507
Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 247799
Email t.h.mcnulty@liverpool.ac.uk
Web: www.liverpool.ac.uk/~tmcnulty


University of Liverpool in London

33 Finsbury Square



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Organiser:Chartered Director Network

Organiser of CDNetwork - Governance Research - 19/4/2018

The Chartered Director Network Bucks, Berks, and Oxon has relaunched with the objectives which are:

  • Purpose - to bring together current Chartered Directors, supporters, friends and colleagues with the common aim of furthering knowledge and learning opportunities for good governance of organisations, enterprise and businesses of all sizes.
  • CPD - promote Continuous Professional Development as an integral part of the Chartered Director qualification, amongst all and wherever possible in alignment with the governing body’s current guidelines.
  • Awareness - promote and raise awareness of Chartered Directors, their values, professional skillset and ‘corporate governance’ focus.
  • Share - knowledge, learning, career and business opportunities.
  • Engage - with entrepreneur and business groups, innovation and learning centres with a view to supporting business growth with good governance and sustainable business practices.
  • Network - support and encourage networking and partnerships for career and business opportunities
Feb 232018

CEO opportunity for a Chartered Director.

chartered directorI have been asked to identify a Chartered Director who is expert in the extraction industry to head up a new organisation which will exploit a novel solution to recovering elements from waste developed in a German University.

Initially the requirement would be to arrange for independent verification that the technology works through testing at an internationally respected test house. Given the green light then the task would be to set up an international operation based in the UK. The principals regard the UK as the best base to start technologically based business.

If you are interested and want to be considered, please initially contact Alan Hindley C Dir by e-mail at alan@cedar-associates.com

The technology is summarised below.

CEE Clean Element Extraction OPPORTUNITY

  • A cost effective, global solution to ‘clean-up’ environment damaging, heavy industrial processes
  • Developed in Germany, with all R&D completed and technology patents registered
  • Facilitating the emergence of a new industry with applications across multiple market sectors
  • Company registered and carrying out ‘soft operations’ in Germany


is a patented process of Clean Element Extraction, which can be summarized as:

  • Clean - a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly process
  • Element - applicable to any element, or group of elements
  • Extraction - with close to 100% yield of targeted element/s extracted from any medium


  • Oil & Gas
  • Rare Earth Elements (REE)
  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.)
  • Metals
  • Toxic Waste


Fluid referred to as ‘flowback', a bi-product of fracking that contains toxic and radioactive materials, like Radon, present significant challenges that are both costly and hazardous to the company and the environment. Legal requirements are enforced to ensure ‘flowback’ is treated to achieve a standard equitable with drinking water before this fluid is legally allowed to be released into the water table. CEE technology provides a safe, non toxic and cost effective solution to treat ‘flowback’ to achieve the required quality for release into the water systems, significantly reducing the challenges currently being faced by all fracking companies worldwide. This would initiate a significant advancement for the process, which ordinarily faces strong opposition from governments and environmental agencies and therefore generate both cost and operational gains.


  • Rare Earth Element Extraction - These elements are critical to the development and production of modern green energy technologies, high-tech defense systems, computers, mobile telephones and advanced IT. Meanwhile, rare earth extraction is one of the most environmentally destructive and toxic of all mining practices. Excessive rare earth mining has resulted in landslides, clogged rivers, environmental pollution emergencies and disasters, causing great damage to people's safety and the ecology of the environment. However, CEE totally transforms this process. Precious
  • Metal Extraction - Traditionally, the process of extracting valuable metals like gold, silver and palladium uses sodium cyanide, which is related to extensive environmental hazards. However, with CEE the use of sodium cyanide is completely avoided making the process both clean and safe, whilst yielding nearly 100% extraction rate. Also, the processing time of CEE is one day per cycle, compared to 7-30 days for the traditional process using sodium cyanide.
  • Oil Extraction - From oil shale, oil sand, oil sludge and oil containing waste materials as metal processing waste - the worldwide known deposits of useable oil shale near the surface could replace crude oil and gas for hundreds of years. However, current technologies are costly and immensely damaging to the environment and not competitive. CEE however, can extract oil from these conditions with nearly 100% yield, is environmentally safe and cost effective.
  • Other Extractions - Tungsten carbide, cobalt, uranium, vanadium, phosphates and alumina-silicates.
  • Toxic Clean Up - CEE can also clean toxic waste stockpiles, extracting the poison and toxic substances, and uncovering usable rare earth elements and precious metals, turning toxic waste into an asset with monetary value and sellable material.
Feb 092018

FORMER housing boss Alan Crowe is to be the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society's new chief executive in time for this year's Balmoral Show.

He spent nearly 14 years as chief executive for Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing and its subsidiary Own-Co, a regional public body under the Department for Communities and Local Government.

A chartered director, he holds multiple awards and Fellowships with several professional bodies and has worked extensively with regional/central and local government.

He and his family currently live in Portstewart, and his wife, a farmer's daughter is co-owner of a farm in Co Tyrone.

Alan himself spent several years working for the National Farmers' Union and Mutual.

Following his appointment he said:

"I'm delighted and excited to be returning to work within the agricultural sector and look forward to working with the team at the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society."

He now begins a period of gradual transfer of responsibilities from current chief executive Colin McDonald, and it is expected that Alan will take up his new role to coincide with the 150th Balmoral Show in May.

Feb 092018

CDNetwork – Research Project – 13/2/2018 - last chance to register

The first events for the CDNetwork are taking place on 13th February 2018 and this is the last opportunity to register for the afternoon or evening sessions.

By invitation from the University of Liverpool in London we have been asked to get involved in an independent, academic study funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) about Directors’ Business Judgment and the Courts. The project is also being supported by the Institute of Directors (IoD), Institute of Company Secretaries (ICSA) and other business organisations. Please note that all participants must be current and active registered company directors.

We will also take the opportunity of informing you about some of the other plans we have for the group.

We have limited spaces available in two sessions on the 13th February 2018. Please book your preferred time by clicking below as soon as you can.

If 15:30 to 17:30 is the best time for you please click here.

If 18:00 to 20:00 is the best time for you please click here.

Hector Grant, Alan Hindley & John Palmer 
Chartered Director Network


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