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The New Zealand Institute of Directors’ new Chartered Directors programme demonstrates a commitment to continuous professional development for all those engaged in the governance environment.

Waikato Institute of Directors chair Margaret Devlin said the Chartered Director programme will transition the Institute from simply being a membership-based organisation to one which is focused on continuous professional development.

“Shareholders, investors and communities expect Directors to meet certain standards and have the right leadership skills and knowledge to effectively fulfil their governance duties,” said Devlin.

“The programme provides a benchmark against which directors’ experience is recognised.  It also allows our members to demonstrate they are committed to effective governance and continuing their professional development,” she said.

The programme ensures directors complete a set criteria for professional development through training and learning opportunities.

“Members gain points for the programme through formal Director training, and through informal learning, which may include readings, attending events and presentations, or through mentoring,” said Devlin.

Accredited Fellow of the Institute of Directors Ken Williamson is currently chair and director of several key boards, trusts and committees in the Waikato, and his governance career spans more than 30 years.

Mr Williamson said the benefits of the Chartered Directors programme are numerous.

“The IOD’s Chartered Directors programme will greatly help to professionalise governance within New Zealand and will allow boards to better identify ‘qualified’ governors".

Each director must embrace life-long’ education, and this programme allows good governors to maintain and enhance their skills and become even better directors,” he said.

Devlin said the programme additionally provides greater credibility and integrity for the Institute of Directors membership.

“People will be more confident that any members of the Institute are committed and dedicated to continuous improvement and maintaining their currency as a director,” she said.

“Many members already have experience at particular levels within the new Chartered Directors Programme and over the past few months have been transitioned into particular tiers of membership depending on their experience and continuing professional development completed to date.”

More information about the programme:

Key features include

  • Directors are required to undertake continuing professional development
  • Ongoing disclosure and commitment to ethical standards under a Charter
  • A new membership structure
  • Becomes operational from 1 October 2014
  • Current members will be transitioned into their new membership category through a one-off process that recognises the different levels of experience of members
  • Continuing Professional Development is a requirement to undertake education, maintain a current knowledge base or to improve skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis. Remaining a member of the IoD requires you to do this.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) covers the activities, both formal and informal, which a director undertakes to improve their skills and competence within the IoD’s New Zealand Director Competency Framework. All Members, Chartered Members and Chartered Fellows will be required to undertake CPD.

Originally published in New Zealand Management 

Friday, 3 October, 2014

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