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Leading High Performance: Applying the Winning Principles of Sports Coaching in Your Organisation

murray eldridge murray eldridge by Murray Eldridge
Published: February 2014
Crimson Publishing Ltd
ISBN 978 78059 213 8


This book is best summed up by the quote: “Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability”.

This is not a slavish importation of sports coaching into the world of business. It is a well-developed, carefully constructed approach that takes only those sporting elements that make sense and intelligently adapts them for the world of organisations. It is full of anecdotes, examples and new concepts that are as exciting and thought provoking as they are applicable.

Prompted by the events and performance of many high profile organisations and their leaders over the last few years, the book makes the point that most organisations are average and that this is a both leadership and ‘followership’ issue. It sets out the case that leaders are often able to obscure poor results or, set lower than optimal goals and that many remuneration schemes reward not just mediocre performance but even poor performance. Somewhat provocatively the author introduces the thought (and supporting arguments) that if an organisation is just performing averagely is the leader really necessary?

Leading High Performance is divided into two parts:

Part 1 explores the relationship between leaders/coaches and followers/athletes and the responsibilities each have to the other. It provides insights into how this relationship as well as athlete and team development is managed in high- performance sports and how these concepts can be transferred to companies and organisations.

Part 2 focuses exclusively on organisations and how they can use the principles, models and tools developed in Part 1 to build a high- performance environment.

By combining current ideas of leadership in business with relevant practises from coaching and sports science the book shows that high performance is not some holy grail. It is not some inaccessible aspiration achievable only by an elite and brilliant few. It explains how high performance in business can readily be achieved and how leaders can create a high- performance environment through good leadership, good coaching and of course, through their people.

murray eldridge

Murray Eldridge has been a ship’s captain, has over thirty years’ experience in international business, was an international GB rower in his youth and has been a qualified British Rowing coach for the last eight years. Leading High Performance combines his knowledge of leadership, business and sport in new and insightful ways to show exactly how both leaders and ‘followers’ in organisations can maximize their potential and move their organisation into the high performance zone.

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