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An opportunity to contribute to Governance Research

In February a number of Chartered Directors had the opportunity to participate in a project to illuminate the extent to which the law provided an adequate check and balance to the actions of Directors. Highly relevant to the recent company failures due to basic governance faults.

We all enjoyed it and learnt a lot from the discussion of a number of cases which were anonymised and drawn from real life. It took no preparation on our part and lasted a couple of hours.
The research team were delighted with the input of real Directors from the CDir community, so much so they would like to run two more sessions on the 19/4/2018. Further details below from Professor Terry McNulty.

Research Project: Directors’ Business Judgments and the Courts

I am writing to you about an independent, academic study funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) about Directors’ Business Judgment and the Courts. The project is also being supported by the Institute of Directors (IoD), Institute of Company Secretaries (ICSA) and other business organisations.

The research will examine several issues including: what is meant by business judgment; how courts and regulators approach and address business judgement; and to what extent should directors’ decisions be subject to review by courts and regulators? These are matters that vary across national jurisdictions and seem to be critical to the relationship between: corporate governance and enterprise; director training and effectiveness; the future of public and private corporations and the role and effectiveness of boards and directors in general.

In 2017, we collected data from judges and decided case law. During 2018 we will be collecting data from directors and legal officers of listed and unlisted companies, of varying size and sector using focus groups. Your involvement would be on a voluntary, confidential and non-attributable basis. Participation does not require anyinformation relating to you personally, your company or business. Neither do you need to have been involved in litigation to participate. Focus groups will last for approximately ninety minutes and typically involve a small group of 4-12 people and require minimal preparation in advance. Further information about the focus group will be issued in advance for those who are willing to participate.

Results of the research will be freely available to all participants as and when they become available over the next year. By way of my own background I have been conducting research since the 1990s and have an established track record of rigorous high-quality research that informs corporate governance policy and practice. For this project, I am working with qualified lawyers from the University of Liverpool and Leeds some of whom will be involved in the focus group.

I hope you and perhaps other members of your network will find the project of interest and be prepared to be involved. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

The web link explains the project in further detail. Please note that all participants must be current and active registered company directors.

Yours Sincerely,

Terry McNulty
Professor of Management and Corporate Governance
Chatham Building
L69 7ZH
Office: + 44 (0) 151 795 3507
Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 247799


University of Liverpool in London

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Organiser:Chartered Director Network

Organiser of CDNetwork - Governance Research - 19/4/2018

The Chartered Director Network Bucks, Berks, and Oxon has relaunched with the objectives which are:

  • Purpose - to bring together current Chartered Directors, supporters, friends and colleagues with the common aim of furthering knowledge and learning opportunities for good governance of organisations, enterprise and businesses of all sizes.
  • CPD - promote Continuous Professional Development as an integral part of the Chartered Director qualification, amongst all and wherever possible in alignment with the governing body’s current guidelines.
  • Awareness - promote and raise awareness of Chartered Directors, their values, professional skillset and ‘corporate governance’ focus.
  • Share - knowledge, learning, career and business opportunities.
  • Engage - with entrepreneur and business groups, innovation and learning centres with a view to supporting business growth with good governance and sustainable business practices.
  • Network - support and encourage networking and partnerships for career and business opportunities

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