Leading High Performance: Applying the Winning Principles of Sports Coaching in Your Organisation How to develop high performance in any organization using the principles that drive success in sports coaching. In many respects business organisations reflect team sports. They both require people to operate in complex and highly competitive environments. Both environments require people not only to be the best they can be individually, but to cooperate closely over time to secure long term winning performance. In sport coaches are intimately involved in developing athletes, squads and teams and bring an impressive array of technology and wide ranging expertise to bear on all aspects of high performance development. There is much that business, especially leaders, can learn from coaches and sport. Leading High Performance takes those elements of sports coaching that are relevant to business and shows how the principles of coaching, sports science, training and even psychology offer tremendous opportunities for achieving high performance in all organisations. It looks at ways in which high performance is achieved in sport and describes, using examples, how this approach develops individuals, encouraging them towards high performance. It then analyses the most relevant ideas and techniques, converting them into easily applicable business models and tools. Murray Eldridge is a businessman with 40 years' experience of international industry where he has run a variety of international companies in the shipping, oil&gas, water and telecoms industries. He also lectures on Leadership and Strategy and related subjects. Murray is a member of several professional bodies, a Chartered Director of the Institute of Directors and holds an MBA. He is a qualified, practising rowing coach and a keen sailor.

"High Performance Leadership for Business & Sport - been tried many times before but without the experience & clarity offered by Murray. 1st couple of chapters take some attention but then you find you are finishing it, then picking it up again - a good read, no doubt if improvement in performance of any sort is on your agenda.
I moved from sports coaching to business 30 years ago and I only wish this book had been on my shelf then - life would have been much clearer and easier.
If you really, really want to understand performance - sport and/or business - buy this book.
If you understand sports performance and want to perform in business - buy this book.
If you want the tools to turn that understanding into performance - buy this book.
Buy 2 if you can - because you will give a copy away to someone you know who will benefit or your first copy will fall apart moving between the office and the gym!"

By Steve Cappa CDir, FRSA, MBA

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