Dec 272019

Non-Executive Director and Future Chair - Guernsey Electricity

Permanent - Full-time

The Position

Guernsey Electricity are seeking to recruit two Guernsey based applicants with specific, relevant experience to join our Board as Non-Executive Directors. One would ideally have the potential to be considered as a future Chair in two years’ time.


Guernsey Electricity is operating in an environment of increasing complexity and change, particularly in relation to market, competition, regulatory and emerging energy policy issues. Such an environment is an exciting place for a NED capable of navigating through those changes and guiding the direction that is right for the long-term future of Guernsey. That includes ensuring Guernsey has both reliable and affordable energy supplies, as well as helping manage the environmental impact and the future sustainability of fossil fuels on the Island.

The energy system of the future will not look like it does today. The scale of change over the next 10 to 20 years will be considerable and, whilst we don't know exactly what this change will look like, we do know some of the key change drivers that will be important. One thing seems certain, consumers will play a key role in driving change as their energy needs for warmth, light, power and, increasingly transport change.

The energy businesses of the future will need to provide those services in a clean, affordable, efficient and environmentally conscious manner, by taking advantage of new energy technology and digital enablers. Guernsey Electricity plans to take a leading role in the energy transition and recognises that Energy Policy remains critical for ensuring that journey is strategically managed, so the outcomes are in the best interests of energy consumers, and the long-term future of our Island.


Preference will be given to candidates with relevant experience related to Engineering in the Utilities sector, Accountancy and Business Development.

A commercial mindset will be important as well as an interest in and understanding of Energy Policy, the transitional challenges of moving towards alternative operating models and the complexities of Sustainability/ Environmental Issues.

The Candidate

  • will by preference be a Guernsey Resident with proven experience of working within, or as a NED or an Executive Director of, a large complex Commercial Corporation and will ideally hold an IOD Chartered Director or MBA qualification.
  • Experience in either of the following - Engineering in the Utilities sector, Accountancy or Business Development.
  • Interest in and understanding of Energy Policy, the transition challenges of moving towards Alternative Operating Models and the complexities of Sustainability/Environmental Issues.
  • Strategic Direction and Change - an ability to provide independent oversight, evaluative challenge and constructive critique to Guernsey Electricity’s Strategic Direction.
  • Monitoring Performance - particularly regarding the progress made in achieving the determined company strategy and objectives.
  • Stakeholder Management - particularly for the potential Chair, to be a skilled and connected networker, capable of navigating a complex political environment that includes the States of Guernsey Committees, STSB, CICRA and CIEG.
  • Governance, Audit and Risk Management – able to take the lead on ensuring robust prudence and probity in relation to the integrity of financial information, financial controls and systems of risk management.

Skills and Qualifications

About Guernsey Electricity

Guernsey Electricity has been providing electricity to the island for over 100 years. Until 2001 all electricity was generated on-island but since then completion of a cable link to France via Jersey has given the opportunity to import units from the European Grid in conjunction with on-island generation. The change has brought significant environmental benefits for the Island while improving the company's risk profile.

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